Accessories so you can be as stylish as the Mistress of the Dark

There are a few staples that are present every Halloween: lovingly carved pumpkins, a parade of creative Halloween costumes, and of course, Elvira Mistress of the Dark. The iconic Queen of Halloween will always take the cake (and baskets full of mini Snickers) for the most charming yet spooky Halloween persona, and how could she not?!

Nonetheless, just because the horror icon Elvira has will always beat us in the spooky-meets-glam department, doesn’t mean the rest of us ghouls can’t channel her spirit. And luckily for us, the last 35 years of Elvira’s reign has brought about multiple collaborations.

We have been living, dying, and coming back to life for Elvira’s collaboration with Pinup Girl Clothing, and this skirt explains it all.

For the Halloween queens ready to smell like Roses, Haitian Vetiver, Red Currant, and Dark Amber. This is just one of four scents in Elvira’s new collaboration with Demeter Fragrance Library.

This t-shirt takes the cake for versatility, because you can wear it casual in your everyday life AND when you wanna get down on Halloween.

Plenty of sports fans trade baseball cards, there are nostalgic people everywhere faithfully hoarding Pokemon cards, but for the Elvira heads looking to get in the game — these collector cards are a precious keepsake.