Collection inspired by the Beverly Hills Hotel

There’s something straight-up relaxing about a chic hotel. The cozy bed and the high thread count linen can give you the best sleep of your life. But the price tag attached to such posh hotels? Not always within our budget. Fortunately, that super relaxed, Calgon-take-me-away feeling just got a lot easier and more accessible. 

Luckily, the just-released Pink Palace Palm Collection has luxe written all over it. Shhh Silk has been the go-to sleep brand for celebs who love their pillow cases, and The Beverly Hills Hotel has been a Hollywood landmark for over 100 years. So yeah, the two of them collbaorating to create a limited-edition line is the literal definition of luxury relaxation. 

There’s no way you can wear anything from the collection — which includes pillow cases, pajamas, and eye masks — without having your own personal glam moment.

But it’s not just the pretty print. The material (which is machine washable, no less) is what will really have you rushing home to slip into your pajamas or snuggle up against your pillow case.

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