Getting sidetracked on their search for the Vogue shot

While it’s still unclear if Hadid actually happened to wander onto the set of a Vogue photoshoot while being a tourist in Paris or if the supermodel-to-be was hired to be there looking like an unsuspecting tourist (she says she got “caught” in the pic), the photo is still a perfect example of how she was fated to become the powerhouse model that she is today.

And now? She’s done it again. But this time in a…well, this look is a bit hard to describe. It has a 1600s Salem witchy vibe. But in a good way. Because Zendaya’s top would feel right at home in Hocus Pocus, alongside human Thackery Binx. Or maybe the blouse is giving us Seinfeld puffy shirt feels? Either way, this ensemble features a ton of texture, which is perfect for fall.

It’s one of those looks you see and say, “you know what, that’s only something [insert celeb name] can pull off.”

While attending the Volez, Voguez, Voyagez Louis Vuitton exhibit event in New York, Zendaya went all out for the night.

With the texture adding major interest to the look, Zendaya kept everything else pretty minimal. Her smoked-out eyes are barely visible under her long bangs, adding a fun, mysterious vibe.

Whether you want a little totem to clutch during the scary parts or some new duds to share your love of all things strange to the world, we’ve got you covered. If we’re going to fan out, we might as well go hard, you know? Envelope yourself in the world of Stranger Things and it’ll feel like you’re right there with those cute little kiddos — who aren’t so little anymore!